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  Benjamin Shelton 78823fc4e6 My brain's autocorrect doesn't work. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 802ef181c0 Added extra skeleton files for other topics. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 185b4ddf33 Added sections. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton fc362bc715 Minor updates, corrections, clarifications, and fixed a small but 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 6d181de748 No longer considered a "glue" framework. This hasn't been true for a 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton fa2fe17968 Updated VFS dependency. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 7d494fa8c4 Added sub-subapp unit tests. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton fe5bce82cd Added Overwrite method. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton fdcdf6908d Added Proxy() convenience method. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 9144f33497 Multiple calls to AddApplicationHandler via the radixLoader now calls 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 67fd1bcae5 Implement additions to API and support attaching sub-subapplications. 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton b25071c29e Application API updated to include Application, for raw application type 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 93169d8831 Merge branch 'master' into multiapp-subsubapp 1 month ago
  Benjamin Shelton 908344dbb8 Don't log nil errors. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton ddcee9027f Actually return errors. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 2d4914c560 Log potential socket errors. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton cedcb46919 Serialize given -> real addr mapping. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton dbb57bff0f Socket management types include given address -> real address mappers 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton abdbec4fe5 Wrap direct access in function calls to gate internal API behavior for 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton fade5c6137 Added network mapper. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton fedaa21cb8 Print debug output on close. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 5b96339de7 Envvars declaring production/development mode can now be used. Currently 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton c7dd6fd81a Initial work for honoring envvars. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton bc6b8de4cb Import sys/unix instead of syscall. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 7262f3fe1a Corrected capstan configuraiton for current version. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 34e7ec27bb Clarifications and fix typos 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 40eaae5c81 BaseController.Path is now mandatory. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton c278758b3a Multiapp tests should adhere to the mandatory BaseController.Path 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 6497718897 Added unit tests for testing improper usage according to the 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton c276dbf949 Test multiapplication sub-subapps. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton d91bf417c7 Testing sub-subapp handling by attaching a parent instance to the core 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton faf3ce5e86 Clarifications and updates. 2 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 2765d554db Lowercase "a" in multiAppProxy was unintentional. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 54003684a8 Updated/added comments. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 65645319ad Added code comments. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton a0b86e6b02 Renamed node types away from temporary assignments. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton f784180c0a Rename bnode -> binaryTree. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 9e7f472391 Code cleanup plus comments so I'll (hopefully) remember how this works 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 16fbf90322 Removed unnecessary URL fields. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 4844e99143 Deleted proxy_trie* (post rename; forgot to commit). 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton fece5a91f5 Renamed proxy_trie* to trie*. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton b57762b5b8 Switched default radix node mapper to our binary tree implementation. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 167274e1cd Added overwrite-related binary tree tests; disabled trie overwrite 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 2ce577c1b5 Code cleanup, added comments, and overwrite support in base data 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 29f020139b Removed assignment from prior to use of `split` var. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton bfdc83b005 LongestMatch algorithm wasn't *quite* working as intended. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 3ac729ec5c Added longest match tests. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton cf1efaf1d2 Fixed typo but interestingly the outcome is no different. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 87cc58bf4c Adding one more longest match test rig for more complex test cases. 3 months ago
  Benjamin Shelton 8b26e76eb5 Multiapp loaders now must return errors when adding applications since 3 months ago