Golang key management API server and library, based on SecuritySuite.
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package keystar
import (
kt "git.destrealm.org/go/keystar/types"
// KeyStar is the primary entrypoint for clients and servers. All KeyStar
// services are based on this client (including the API server), and in-process
// implementations should start here.
type KeyStar struct {
ks *kt.KeySpace
func NewKeyStar(options *kt.Options) (*KeyStar, error) {
loader, err := storage.Loader(options)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
ks, err := kt.LoadKeySpace(options, loader)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return &KeyStar{ks: ks}, err
// KeySpace returns the configured key space for this KeyStar instance.
// API fragility warning: Future versions may be able to retain or configure
// multiple KeySpace instances. Do not expect this method to always accept or
// return the same KeySpace for each call. It may eventually require a string
// identifying a symbolic name for any given KeySpace.
func (ks *KeyStar) KeySpace() *kt.KeySpace {
return ks.ks
// Options for conveying configuration information to KeyStar.
func NewOptions(backend string) *kt.Options {
return &kt.Options{
BackendURI: backend,