Benjamin Shelton zancarius
  • Under a sky of azure.
  • I enjoy coding, cooking, and firearms. Chiefly a Python and Golang developer (and many others) with a weirdly eccentric series of interests. I can be reached via my public email: zancarius AT
  • Joined on Feb 20, 2020

My personal collection of Arch Linux PKGBUILDs. Some may be present in the AUR. Mirror.

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 3 months ago

Simple tool to generate md5sum-compatible (and friends) output for comparing file system differences.

Updated 4 months ago

File-based benchmark for reading. Useful for approximating throughput for underlying hardware.

Updated 7 months ago

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zig playground.

Updated 8 months ago

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Knowledge base wiki. Written in Go, fairly lightweight, and can run stand alone or behind a reverse HTTP proxy.

Updated 8 months ago

Golang DBAL.

Updated 8 months ago

FrogAPI: Crawls (limited) data from that frog site and presents it in an easily consumable form.

Updated 8 months ago

Crawls (limited) data from Gab. Currently only groups are implemented.

Updated 8 months ago

The_Donald extrication host.

Updated 9 months ago

Extricate old post content from The_Donald.

Updated 9 months ago