A collection of notes and external resources for mitigating Windows 10's built-in telemetry and related services.
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Anti-telemetry Notes and Resources for Windows 10

This repository is composed of a handful of wiki pages containing information adapted from notes that I have accumulated over time relating to Windows 10's telemetry services. Bear in mind that I am not primarily a Windows user and some of the suggestions may be unorthodox or run counter to traditional Windows idioms.

Currently, these are divided into the following sections:

If you don't want to apply these settings manually, there are tools like this one that apply many of these same changes in addition to disabling the background telemetry collection services. However, these tools also provide options to insert known Microsoft telemetry endpoints into your HOSTS file thereby preventing your system from communicating with Microsoft even if the telemetry services were not disabled.

DisableWinTracking is a fork of an earlier project by 10se1ucgo. It is written in Python (and wxPython) and is chiefly a wrapper around CLI commands that do what it says on the tin. If you don't trust the application, each of the tweaks used are documented in the project's README.